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The Christmas that was seen downtown

Like every other christmas party, the festive decorations and snow covers Fantage! This Started on December 22 to December 27th.

In this event you could play christmas games to get items and the 2009 christmas medal.


2009 holiday medal

To receive the medal, you had to log in each day of the party.                                                                                                                                                          

How the items were recieved: In certain periods in the event. there was riddles and games to get prizes during the event. In order to get the Reindeer antlers (nons) and Reindeer costume (members), you had to outsmart the Reindeer at his own game 



Reindeer's game room

To get the gingerbread costume (members) you had to play a game called "Match the gingerbread cookies!" (This was probably in the shop but there has yet to be a photo).

Screenshot 1280

For the rest of the items (probably), you had to wait for Santa to arrive on the 25th (Christmas day) and was available after until the event ended 

Santa's Riddles

 To get these, you had to solve riddles based on Christmas.

Watch a video here: [1]


Ginger bread house during the event

  You can also get Santa's cabin that was for sale during this event. Once you bought it, your room (It was called rooms during this time in Fantage) would be changed to this.


Santa's cabin

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